2014 A Very Successful Year for the JENSEN-GROUP


At a laundry in The Netherlands, finishing lines are combined with the decentralised feeding system, Jenrail, and the handling system, Jenway, with the unique multi-lane buffer conveyor with multiple levels.

The JENSEN-GROUP reports an 8.2% increase in revenue compared to 2013. With a revenue amounting to 239.6 million Euro, the company confirms its market position as the leading supplier of heavy-duty laundry solutions.

This positive evolution is primarily attributable to the global presence of the JENSEN-GROUP as well as the continuous development of products, solutions and processes.

Innovative solutions
The JENSEN-GROUP has introduced a number of innovative products and features in respect to washroom, finishing and material handling solutions this year which have been well received by our customers. Especially the high growth in finishing technology in both flatwork and garment have been encouraging.

The sun never sets on JENSEN
Being close to customers around the globe is an important part of strategy to continuously expand to all corners of the world. We are happy to announce the acquisition of the heavy-duty activities of Boaya Spain and proud to add 15 new employees in our new SSC, JENSEN Spain.

OTC – From Offer to Commissioning
In order to serve our customers in an even more professional way, the JENSEN-GROUP strives to steadily improve its operating excellence when it comes to managing large customer projects. The company defined an aligned, corporate process of how to design the interface with our customers when planning, installing and commissioning turn-key laundries. With the OTC approach, laundries can benefit from a standardised approach that safeguards the triple constraint of delivery scope, time and resources needed.

We have invested heavily in adapting safety norms on our equipment in the JENSEN-GROUP. Our concept of separating safety and control functions is unique in our industry and shows our commitment to a better working environment and higher productivity.

The JENSEN-GROUP has further improved the balance sheet: with no debt and continuous profitability, we will be able to pursue our strategy in growing our products, markets, people and processes.

At the start of 2015, the JENSEN-GROUP had a solid backlog. The overall trends in respect to continuous spending in the health-care and tourism sector are excellent for our our customers and confirms that we are in the right industry.

“2014 was a highly successful year, and we are very recognisable to our customers for their continued trust in our company, our products and our teams” confirms Jesper Munch Jensen, CEO of the JENSEN-GROUP. “We will honour this trust and continue to work hard on sustainable laundry solutions that will help increase laundry productivity figures on all continents”.