Apart from the Traditional Tassie hospitality spanning over 30 years and the exquisite food and the opportunity to catch up with old and make new friends and of course, the amazing Penny Royal venue!

Here are five reasons you should really consider coming to the mini conference on 26-27th May

1. A unique chance to tour the Blueline Laundry to see the operation and take ideas for your business on a smaller scale.
2. What Sandro Santo doesn’t know about washing technology is not worth knowing. He’s there for the whole weekend.
3. Do you know where you stand legally by adding commercial laundry to your operations? Insurance?
4. What about very economical payback for equipment investment?
5. A simple idea to make you money that you have probably overlooked.

And lots more …….
A lead into the dinner is a wine and cheese tasting featuring the outstanding Josef Chromy wines and products, a Tassie legend.

(It’s not true that I only go to Tassie for the food, on the other hand … nothing would induce me to miss DIA Tas weekend.)

Discount rooms at the Penny Royal will be held until Friday 4th.

You need to make your own accommodation booking, see Program attached.

To join the conference simply reply to Brian Tonkin, register online on the DIA website, or phone the office on 03 5908 4921.

What more can I say … hope to see you there.

Brian Tonkin CEO

t- (03) 5908 4921
e- info@drycleanersweb.com.au
w- www.drycleanersweb.com.au