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Just where is our industry headed? With bans on perc being implemented around the world, this traditionally ‘Mum & Dad business’ industry of ours faces new challenges as our society pushes for more sustainable practices, not just in dry cleaning but in all forms of enterprise.

Like the automobile manufacturers who saw the opportunity to evolve to more fuel efficient and lower emission cars, leaders in the retail dry cleaning industry are beginning to evolve to a more sustainable dry cleaning model. As we at GreenEarth view both the opportunity and the future, we believe there are several features that have been and are being incorporated into the GreenEarth cleaning technology that satisfy the move towards sustainable solutions:

  • The GreenEarth silicone solvent provides less aggressive cleaning thereby allowing the servicing of the wider array of fabrics, trims, ornamentation and dyes presented by the higher demographic consumer.
  • The silicone used in the GreenEarth cleaning process is environmentally non-toxic and is proven to be safe for the air, ground water and soil.
  • Based on the chemical properties of liquid silicone, regenerative powder filtration systems can be utilised, thereby eliminating the disposal of cartridge filters in landfills and providing a more economical filtration solution.
  • Based on the chemical properties of liquid silicone, regenerative powder filtration systems can be used to remove all suspended particles without the use of distillation thereby saving the associated energy costs involved.
  • Because the liquid silicone used in the GreenEarth process is odourless and chemically inert, the additional equipment required for deodorising other solvents can be eliminated from machines operating with silicone.
  • By eliminating deodorisation and distillation, the footprint of a machine designed specifically for the GreenEarth cleaning process can be smaller and the capital cost of the machine can be significantly less.
  • The amount of detergent used in the GreenEarth cleaning process can be greatly reduced as compared to the amount used with other solvents.
  • Given all of these features, the overall operating costs and the initial capital investment are reduced thereby enhancing the sustainability model being demanded.

    We at GreenEarth believe our industry’s need to evolve beyond traditionally accepted methods of cleaning will only increase as does legislative and consumer demand for that change.

    For years, paint manufacturers and retailers would demonstrate that, for maximum paint coverage and durability on a number of household items (including your baby’s bassinet), a lead based paint was required. As the product performance of lead based paint was weighed against the environmental and consumer safety of the product it was determined that it was indeed the opposite, resulting in the development of other products that provide similar results without the negative effects.

    We can indeed meet the demands of our consumers – and a higher demographic of consumers, in fact – by providing a dry cleaning solution that produces exceptional cleaning results and is ultimately sustainable.

    We believe that our industry has a bright future, and it’s brightest for those who have embrace the evolutional of our industry’s best practice model.