DCCS Launches its new Web Application



After years of research DCCS has developed a new Web Application which can be included in your own Web Site. This application allows your customers to access their Ticket History and gives them the ability to run their own reports which they can direct to their own email address.

Your customers can look up their own orders. They can see your business opening hours, address and there is a link to Maps to show your exact location and directions. If you have multiple stores it can show at which store they have orders. It has the ability to capture your customer’s email address and also can book a pickup for delivery customers.

The application also has the ability to show promotions that you are currently running in your store. Some of our customers are sending the SMS with a link to the Web App in the SMS message. ‘Hi Bill Brown your Order#1234 is ready at ABC Dry Cleaners, Click here to see all orders’. We will also include email notifications of when orders are ready in future releases. This will allow the owner of the store the ability to complete store Inventories using a cordless scanner or Tablet device.

Customers can look up/for their orders direct from their Smartphone or they can go to the Web site and look up orders via your web page with our added ‘Look up Orders’ Link.

Agents can check their orders on line and the owner can check up on any customer’s order via their phone and see details and location numbers.

For more information please Call DCCS on 1300 877 234 or check out our Website:  www.dccs.com.au  or Email:  sales@dccs.com.au