DIA VIC Information Night Wednesday held 25th February


P1020520 (800x600)Thank you to Brian Tonkin who sent along these photographs and a report on the DIA VIC Information Night Wednesday held on 25th February at RMIT, which sponsored the venue, while the EPA via Hyder Consulting sponsored the food.

Brian Tonkin (DIA) introduced himself in his new role as Member Liaison Officer,  spoke on the basic benefits DIA membership, including TABS from DLI (USA).

Paul Strang (Kyneton Drycleaners), shared the story of his transition from a “high level cop” to owning a successful drycleaning business in Kyneton Victoria.  Paul gave a glimpse into police action behind the scenes, and the great work they perform on the public’s behalf. Drycleaning, by comparison, is ‘a little less dangerous’, but also very interesting. Paul spoke about innovations at Kyneton Drycleaners, and shared many “one percenters” as tips to help build a better business. You don’t have to improve everything by 10%: strive to improve by 1% on many levels throughout your business. It will add up and is easier to maintain a positive trend. Paul concluded in typical country style by inviting all to his plant, to have a “cuppa” and see their achievements.

Emma Mountjoy of Hyder Consulting, launched the Best Practice Manual for Drycleaners on behalf of the Victorian EPA. This comprehensive manual outlines the legal obligations for Victorians as part of a five step process, including best practice, reporting and record keeping. This document has been presented in four languages. Emma’s message was “you don’t know what you don’t know” and urged drycleaners to be proactive in ascertaining their obligations and carrying them out. Two representatives from the EPA who attended in conjunction with Emma were also able to answer questions from the group. EPA advised that their role was not close down Drycleaners for non-compliance but to work in conjunction so that legal and moral obligations are understood.

P1020508 (800x600)Peter Bonnell, (RMIT) spoke on training opportunities, and the tour of RMIT’s drycleaning training facilities conducted by Patrick Quinlivin was well received.  Drycleaners are very supportive of their unique training facility, but with turnover in the industry it is always a great idea to showcase the opportunities for Apprenticeships in Drycleaning.

Brian advises this was a “no cost” function, which doubtless affected the numbers attending, with excellent venue and food, very good interaction between drycleaners, and with speakers.  A real bonus was that attendees realised that they can belong to a “drycleaning family”. Brian reports there were 76 Attendees, (42 members, 16 non-members, 11 Associate members, 7 Guests). Good numbers!

Brian Tonkin
Drycleaning Institute Of Australia
Member Liaison
t- 0419 882 061
e- brian@drycleanersweb.com.au
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