Cold Vault Storage


On my recent visit to Atlanta I enjoyed two days workshopping with the CINET group, and we visited three drycleaning plants, and two laundries. I will expand on this when I get over my jetlag. Which could be today. 🙂


Peter Wennekes, CEO of CINET, discussing the family laundry and drycleaning operation with Clay Pinckard.

One company we visited, Pinckard and MorganptmCleanersLogo Cleaners, proudly boasts that while they have been around for over 80 years, they are not old! Indeed this family company continues to evolve with the times. Please visit their website

One service in particular piqued my interest.   Cold Storage is not something we generally offer in Australia, but it is an interesting concept. At Pinckard and Morgan Services, they have a large room devoted to this service. Humidity controlled to prevent mildew, the cool temperature (I believe it is approx. 50F) prevents insects from infesting garments.IMG_8700

Protect your clothes each season with cold vault storage.
The temperature and humidity controlled vault prevents moth damage and allows you to keep your closet organized. Call for pricing information – you’ll be surprised at the affordability of this service. 

And certainly the prices they quoted sounded more than reasonable.

One thing that has stood out to me in my travels around the USA is how much space they have, in direct comparison to Australia.  Shopping Centres have huge ground level carparks that spread out around the centre. They are not stacked as ours frequently are. The laundries and drycleaners often are very large plants, with a lot of space. However, some houses, mainly apartments, seem to be short on wardrobe space. But it is a big country and things vary across the states.

But back to Cold Storage.  Firstly, it isn’t all about storing furs and costly clothing as IIMG_8694 had previously understood. (And their insurance does not cover furs, the client takes out their own insurance.) Apart from the woollens and wedding dresses I noticed racks of dress shirts and day to day wear.  It is accepted practice for some drycleaners to store their clients clothes from season to season, swapping them over in Spring and Autumn. There is a charge for this, of course.  Sometimes customers like to store their garments and household furnishings – and sealed plastic tubs full of toys! – in cold storage vaults when they are moving between houses. It is a safer option than putting textiles in storage units where one might store furniture and the like. Temperatures can get very high, and the humidity even more so. Atlanta is a very wet, humid location.

Noticing the sign in the call office asking clients to refer people looking for a job to the company, IMG_8695I asked Clay Pinckard about the challenges of drycleaning and laundry in his area.  I noted they have a very pleasant plant with good working conditions but he said unfortunately people don’t seem to want to work anymore and it frequently is a battle to find good employees.

Sound familiar?