MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR. Not really, but it is the Best Ever Tour of Victorian Drycleaners!!!


Here is one of your hosts, Matthew Hyde. If any of the other good looking drycleaners hosting plant visits for the weekend want to send their pics in, I’ll be happy to add them to our collection. 🙂

Here is your Invitation to the “Best Ever Drycleaning Tour”.  We need to confirm arrangements to arrange accommodation.  It is definitely on “first come” basis.  We would love to have Associate Members as part of this event to have time with customers and view some of the exciting things happening in country Victoria.

Please contact:

Justine Hicks, Bendigo Drycleaners on:
Phone: 0434 540 323    or    03 5443 7179
It’s an exciting program, one that will definitely help your business.

Thanks & regards,

Brian Tonkin
Drycleaning Institute Of Australia
Member Liaison
t- 0419 882 061

Saturday 22rd & Sunday 23rd August 2015

The drycleaning plant tour starts at 1.30pm, Saturday 22nd August, at Hyde’s Drycleaners, 28 Hamilton Street Gisborne. Parking is available.  We will visit six drycleaning plants: Hyde’s at Gisborne, Bendigo Drycleaners, Pristine Drycleaners, & Steamatic at Bendigo, plus Speedie Drycleaners, and Cressbells at Ballarat.  On Saturday we will stay overnight at Bendigo, dinner at the Rising Sun Hotel (and solve the problems of the Industry over a few drinks). After an early breakfast we will do a final tour at Bendigo before heading off to Ballarat.

Benefits, just to list a few of the innovations you will see in action:
First and second generation Green Earth drycleaning machines.
Zero cost hot water.
See all types of drycleaning machines, Perc, hydrocarbon, K4, green earth.
Automated order sorting system.
Use of ozone and ozone rooms.
Latest in finishing equipment, (including blown/plate finish).
Integrated POS computer systems.
Plant layout and design.
Shop appearance and signage.
Ideas on processing rugs a budget cost, (great add-on business).
How to handle restoration work.
How to combine different solvents to the best advantage.
Marketing and promotional ideas.
Sharing ideas with fellow Drycleaners, and meeting/making new friends.
What it’s like to be a country drycleaner.

Comment:  The owners and operators are giving of their time and knowledge for you benefit. I’m sure they have other things to do on a weekend. They are happy to share with DIA members, willingly, for your benefit, so that you can return home with at least 10 ideas to use in your business.  This has been one of the key advantages of being a member over the last 65 years of DIA history, the ability to share and support for the benefit of members and the Institute as a whole.

Stay at Bendigo, new venue, great rate $120 for a queen/shared room, plus $10 for a continental breakfast.
Other meals, drinks on a user pays basis.

Country Members: we understand that driving to Gisborne and back is time consuming and may deter you from attending.  Alternative arrangements can be made where you attend part of the tour, for example:
Travel to Bendigo, stay overnight and do the Bendigo leg of the tour.
Extend to Ballarat on Sunday.
Or another combination to suit. Talk to Brian Tonkin.

Program: Saturday 22nd August:
1.30 – 2.45pm, meet at Hyde Drycleaners,
3.45 – 4.45pm, Steamatic Bendigo
Check into Schaller Studios, Queen or shared room single beds.

Dinner – Rising Sun Hotel

Sunday 23rd August:
9.00-9.45 am       Bendigo Drycleaners
10.00-10.45 am   Pristine Drycleaners
12.30-1.25 pm      Lunch Ballarat
1.30-2.15 pm         Speedie Drycleaners
2.30 – 3.15 pm    Cressbells Drycleaners
4.30 pm –  Arrive at Gisborne to collect your car.

What to do?
Contact Justine Hicks, Bendigo Drycleaners on:  Email:  or  Phone: 0434 540 323   or   03 5443 7179   Justine will book the motel on your behalf, please act quickly. I look forward to seeing you on the tour for a very informative and fun weekend. Everyone loves a plant tour – they will go “crazy” over six!  Don’t miss out.

Brian Tonkin
Drycleaning Institute of Australia
Member Liaison t- 0419 882 061