The JENSEN-GROUP reports a 24.3% increase in revenue compared to last year. With a revenue amounting to 150.6 million Euro in the first six months of 2015, the company regards this upswing as a positive customer feedback.

Our market position could only be further strengthened thanks to favorable currencies, our global presence and our continuous development of products, solutions and processes.

New solutions with high customer orientation
At this year’s Clean Show in Atlanta/USA, the JENSEN-GROUP launched a series of new products and solutions to increase the productivity and ecological efficiency of heavy-duty laundries. Among others, the highlights at our booth were the new Jenfeed Express Trio, the world fastest feeder with three stations, the Senking Universal tunnel with a comprehensive “tuning package” and of course the new product offering of JENSEN Washer Extractors (JWE) and JENSEN Tumbler Dryers (JTD).

Professional Project Management
The JENSEN approach to aligned project management, labelled as OTC – from Offer to Commissioning, is getting an even stronger foothold. Laundries around the globe, be it the regionally active family-owned laundry or the multi-national textile rental company, can all benefit from the standardized OTC approach that all JENSEN offices around the globe apply when working with laundry managers on large projects. This benefits the one-time investor as well as the multi-plant owner consistently building new laundries.

In the past years, the JENSEN-GROUP has invested heavily in adapting safety norms on our equipment. Improving the working conditions for the operators has also been on our agenda for many years: Designing the encounter between machine, operator and linen in an ergonomically sound and safe way contributes to the health and comfort of the operator, and to the productivity of the laundry. This is an essential element of our vision of total sustainability, widely known as the “Triple P” bottom-line – People, Planet, and Profit.

Europe on a rebound
Many of our traditional home markets such as France, Italy, Spain, UK and Portugal benefit from the popularity of the historic heritage Europe has to offer especially among travelers from emerging countries. The tourism sector is growing, and compensates for the downturn in the public sector. In Germany, the first country where the JENSEN-GROUP exported its machines to (in 1960), we continue to play a home game. Here, the trend towards highly automated “mega plants” remains, and this is also valid for Germany’s neighboring countries. Our customers are no longer focusing on the productive or on the cost of individual machines. Instead, they look at the total cost of ownership, which can only be monitored through sophisticated solutions where equipment and material handling systems are interlinked in a seamless interaction supported by our management information system JENSEN Cockpit.

Our business is growing well also in younger markets, such as in Asia and in the Middle East. Three years ago, we started a sales & service organization in Dubai. Only recently, we were entrusted with building a new turn-key laundry for Saudi Airlines Catering. We are convinced that the guests of Saudi Airlines will be as satisfied as other guests – for instance guests from executive suites on Indian Railways, guests staying at one of the many Disney hotels in Florida, and the millions of people around the world that every day use linen that was processed on JENSEN equipment.

Investments for a successful future
On June 10, JENSEN Denmark signed a purchase agreement to take over a factory building close to our existing premises on the Danish island of Bornholm. This will enable JENSEN Denmark to expand its floor capacity, and cope with the growing demand for finishing solutions.

By June 30, 2015, the JENSEN-GROUP has a solid order backlog and expects the 2015 revenue to be higher than last year. As diverse and multifaceted our target markets are, they all share one common denominator: a strong desire to supply the best linen at the most affordable price. We foresee, and this is confirmed by our customers, that the cost and price pressure will continue to increase.

“We are very recognizable to our customers for their continued trust in our company, our products and our teams” confirms Jesper Munch Jensen, CEO of the JENSEN-GROUP “We are not resting on our laurels and will continue to commit ourselves to the success and investment security of our customers”.

For further information, please contact:
Jesper Munch Jensen, Chief Executive Officer
Markus Schalch, Chief Financial Officer
T: +41 34 426 1646 – marketing@jensen-group.com