Texcare International – FRANKFURT 11 – 15 JUNE, 2016

Hammer messe platz

Hammer messe platz

Texcare International has announced increased floor space provision, market leaders exhibit their new products in Halls 8 and 9. The latest trends and innovations in the laundry and dry-cleaning industry can be seen at Texcare International in Frankfurt am Main from 11 to 15 June 2016. The sector comes together at this international platform every four years to present its innovative products and ground-breaking services, as well as to network with colleagues, to exchange know-how and information and for professional development and training.

At the last Texcare International, 15,650 visitors came to see the new products and services from the 262 exhibitors, both from inside Germany and from abroad, over an exhibition area of 30,700 m2. At the forthcoming Texcare, the exhibition area will grow in line with the huge demand. Both Halls 8 and 9 will be occupied on the five days of the show. The opening of Hall 9 means that there will be an increase in floor space of some 10,000m2. This will strengthen the most promising product groups at Texcare and ensure greater levels of international participation among both exhibitors and visitors.

In our interview, the VDMA Garment and Leather Technology Association, which is one of the supporting organisations of Texcare International, also expresses its pleasure at the use of Hall 9. General Manager, Elgar Straub, examines the background and gives us some idea of the way the sector is developing.

We are still a year away from the event, and already there is huge demand on the part of exhibitors. This has resulted in a new layout and the addition of Hall 9. Mr. Straub, what is your view of this development and of Messe Frankfurt’s decision?

Elgar Straub: “It was exactly the right decision to take, to include the extra hall – and at exactly the right time, too. In discussions with Messe Frankfurt, many of the exhibitors have emphasised that they wanted to increase the size of their stands and at the same time they wanted to be included within the appropriate product group for them. That requirement could no longer be met with Hall 8, which had got to a point where it could grow no further. It seems to me an extremely positive thing that the organisers at Messe Frankfurt have reacted quickly and flexibly to this by extending the floor space of the exhibition.”

What, from your point of view, are the advantages for the sector, for exhibitors and for the trade visitors?

Elgar Straub: “The addition of Hall 9 and the extension of the available exhibition space have resulted in advantages for visitors and exhibitors alike. The market leaders will, next year, be presenting their new products in Hall 8 and Hall 9. In both halls, they will be grouped together with new and smaller manufacturing companies as appropriate to their particular product group or groups. That means that there will be a balanced variety and plurality, which will make both halls more interesting for the trade and professional visitors who come and, at the same time, provide an even broader reflection of the sector as a whole. The overall picture at Texcare will be even more attractive as a result. Our sector needs a unified platform which can give a rounded picture of the product groups. The larger surface area will also enable additional networking areas to be provided, which visitors to the last Texcare regretted not having. All in all, Texcare is becoming an even more international platform. We are delighted at this development, which reflects the growth in the product groups and their diversity.”

Does this growth of Texcare International in Frankfurt also reflect the developments in the sector as a whole?

Elgar Straub: “Absolutely. The textile-care sector is a strong and growing market, both in Europe and worldwide. The field of textile services, in particular, enjoys huge market volumes and is becoming more and more important. We are noticing, moreover, that many companies have not yet fully exploited their potential and are developing, in ways, for instance, that involve adding neighbouring fields of activity and new segments to the range of products and services they offer. Thus, for instance, we are set to see continued growth in terms of textile hire, as well as with information technologies and merchandise management systems. Services, too, are becoming more and more important, as are the ecological aspects of textile care. The issues are very much those of the future and are coming to have greater and greater importance at Texcare International. It is, therefore, a logical conclusion, that the exhibitors in these areas should be using a larger area for their presentations – and the extension into Hall 9 makes this possible for 2016.”

Background information on Messe Frankfurt

Messe Frankfurt is one of the world’s leading trade fair organisers, generating around €554 million in sales and employing 2,130 people. The Messe Frankfurt Group has a global network of 29 subsidiaries and 57 international Sales Partners, allowing it to serve its customers on location in more than 160 countries. Messe Frankfurt events take place at more than 30 locations around the globe. In 2014, Messe Frankfurt organised a total of 121 trade fairs, of which more than half took place outside Germany.

Comprising an area of 592,127 square metres, Messe Frankfurt’s exhibition grounds are home to ten exhibition halls. The company also operates two congress centres. The historic Festhalle, one of the most popular venues in Germany, plays host to events of all kinds. Messe Frankfurt is publicly owned, with the City of Frankfurt holding 60 percent and the State of Hesse 40 percent.

Further information on the company can be found at http://m-es.se/Fj86