JAMES PEUSTER Pick up & Delivery Workshop


Date:         Saturday 28th November, 2015
Starts:       10:00am
Venue:      Lawrence Dry Cleaners, 887 Bourke Street, Waterloo, NSW  2017

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Non-Member Price   $330.00
Association Members   $250.00

This Pick up and Delivery Workshop will cover many topics on Route Management. A growing area for Australian drycleaners, this session will show you how to build a profitable route program.

Part 1:    This session will discuss the best options of getting started and getting established in your market

Part 2:    Will cover sample marketing pieces, why face-to-face sales, drivers vs developers, and how to pay them

Part 3:    Retain to gain, how to ensure retention through management

Part 4:    Open forum to get all the answers

A copy of  “Building Profitable Routes” is included in the registration fee.

James Peuster is one of the leading consultants in the USA drycleaning industry and specialises in developing profitable routes through coaching and cost analysis. By focusing on marketing, management development and training all personnel in all aspects of pick up and delivery, USA dry cleaners have built their businesses and you can too.

James is conducting two workshops in Australia this year. Don’t miss them.