2015 Conni Awards Winner. Congratulations Lisa Wragg

Conni Booth - CFA - Lisa Wragg - November 2015

Lisa Wragg with Glenys Drayton

Conni are proud to announce the 2015 Conni Award Winner is Lisa Wragg

Lisa is a Continence Nurse Consultant with 20 years clinical experience in the field of continence assessment and management for children and adults suffering with incontinence. She has worked in a variety of health care settings including the development and implementation of the National Continence Helpline.

As the winner of the Conni Award, Lisa will attend the 2016 SUNA Conference to be held in Washington DC, USA in November 2016.

2015 Conni Award – Continence Care Commendation Winner

Conni Booth - CFA - Shani Hill- November 2015

Shani Hill with Glenys Drayton

Congratulation to Shani Hill, the winner of 2015 Continence Care Commendation

Shani is a Continence Nurse Consultant at Barwon Health and is passionate advocate in the field of continence. Shani has a diverse knowledge of continence skills and education which she shares with her patients and colleagues

As the winner of the Conni Commendation award, Shani will receive $500 contribution to attend any conference relevant to continence in 2016

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