Hello to you!

The January/February issue of the “National Drycleaner and Launderer” magazine will publish the last week of February. February is a short month, though longer this year than most! and we need your advertising at our office no later than Monday, February 15th.

Oh, okay. Tuesday, February 16th. See how flexible we can be?  🙂  This allows us to place your ad. in the best position within the text of articles.  We can still get your ad. into the magazine as late as Monday 22nd, but you might not be as happy with the position. So! Get to work! If you need help with your ad., or editorial, I am happy to assist. That’s what I am here for.

Advertising in the NATIONAL gives you an ad. that works hard for your company.  Live emails and website links are just part of it: add in a YouTube link or video of your choice, and suddenly your ad. is talking to your clients.

Your customers search for information far and wide, and they read the NATIONAL website, facebook and magazine. All of our services are accessed free of charge to the reader. In fact, we now have over 1,500 magazine subscribers and readership of the online magazine is growing rapidly. You can harness the power of our wide industry coverage for a very small fee.

We invite you to talk with us today, 0408 600 312 (or +61 408 600 312 for international advertisers) or send an email to me at shirley@nationaldrycleaners.com.au if you would like a Media Kit with prices and sizes emailed back to you.

Here’s to a great 2016!


Shirley Naylor


(also Typist, Receptionist, Chief Reporter, Proofreeda, Advertising Exec., Company Driver, Tealady, Photographer,  Creative Juicer, Subscriptions Manager,  Blood Donor (O+), Temple Dancer, Social Secretary, Travel Agent, OHSA Officer, Court Jester,  Queen of Australia, and – of course – Complaints Dept.)

One woman … 24 different personalities … no extra charge.