Wetcleaning, and Spotting with Alternative Solvents


IMG_2274DIA NSW staged a great full day seminar on Sunday, March 20th thanks to Brian Tonkin, the new CEO for DIA Ltd. and his trusty sidekick Maz (Marilyn, his vivacious and clever wife.) 🙂

Many thanks to Anwar Mangal for again making his Lawrence Drycleaners premises available, this time at Church Street, Parramatta, along with Roy Barry and Mary for their support on the day. Roy also gave an interesting presentation on how Lawrence have looked outside the box to find new customers.

Thanks to Daniel Hays, the star of the show, for his presentations on wetcleaning and spotting with alternative solvents. (Your next NATIONAL magazine will include the full report.)

And thanks to the 30 drycleaners who came, many with staff, from across Sydney and as far away as Wollongong, Port Stephens, Batemans Bay (they got up at 4am to drive up for the 9am start, and drove back afterwards, as did David from Belmont in the north.)

I spoke briefly on the internet and getting with the program. Mentioning my parents, who are 80 years of age and have email, facebook, visit websites for fishing, and keep up to date with friends and family across the world, I pointed out there is no excuse for not learning how to access the web. (There was a fair bit of nudging from the younger delegates to their bosses!) It looks like the next seminar will include a session on social media, along with Customer Service (by request from a delegate).

National President George Masselos closed the event by thanking speakers and delegates for their commitment to their industry and themselves, and said “if you aren’t going forwards, you are going out backwards.”

Boring me on repeat: if your state association takes the time and effort to put on an event, do yourself and your business a favour, and go. Be involved. Learn something and meet your fellow cleaners. It was a fun way to spend a Sunday, surprisingly enough!

If you are not a Member of DIA and would like to enquire, visit their website.