IMG_8704 IMG_8678 IMG_9117 IMG_9116 IMG_9167 IMG_9170 IMG_8908 IMG_9218Hi Shirley!

I’m looking for photographers who can submit photos for my drycleaning related stock photography website. That’s right, I’ve set up a stock photography website dedicated to the drycleaning industry. I need photographers who have drycleaning related images they want to sell. All the photographer has to do is register with the website, and then start uploading their images. I’ll split the sales 50/50 with the photographer.

You too could be a contributer! (You must have lots and lots of photos!)

I am looking for photographers and their drycleaning industry related pictures. If you work or have an interest in the drycleaning industry and have a smart phone with a camera, or a digital camera, you have everything you need to be a photographer and can sell stock photos to a market that has an ever growing need of industry related images. Go to and set up an account, Upload your images, and I’ll split every sale of your photos with you 50/50. I can’t guarantee you you’ll get rich, but you can pick up some extra lunch money on the side.

I have a fellow over in the UK who has been submitting photos, and in fact he had the first sale of an image through the website. Here is what I recommended to him, and now to others about using photos from inside a guest plant.

– try to keep logos out of the picture except for common industry brands like Electrolux, union, Unipress, etc.
– you can ask for a location or building release (I have a stock form if you want me to send one to you, you can modify this form if you wish). Get the plant or business owner to sign a release, which gives you permission to sell your photos and absolves you from being sued.
– you can blur recognizable logos if you wish
– if you capture an image of a person that you can recognize clearly in the photo, get a model release (and again I have forms for that I can give you), or if possible, you can edit the photo to blur faces

The idea behind this web site is to offer dry cleaners, laundries, coin laundromates stock photos, vector files, mp3 sound files and video files for use in their advertising (print and web) and on their social media sites. There are so few appropriate images a dry cleaner can use, so I see a large demand. I also see that there are a lot of people working in this industry that have smart phones and digital cameras, it just makes sense to crowd source a bunch of images that the cleaning world can use.

I would certainly appreciate it if you could post this to your subscribers and social media for me.

With thanks,

Darcy Moen

Editor: Darcy is a long time personal friend, and a respected member of the drycleaning community in Canada and North America, and beyond! Yes, it’s legit.