e47cda2f4e943b661c6a4c2e3bee37dc images images-2MILLENNIALS LOVE MERINGUE!

You might have noticed on the second day of the DIA Conference Program the Sunday morning panel session “Millennials Love Meringue”. What does it mean? We are looking at weddings, and the garments that make them so special, tips and traps, tricks and trends.

A panel session consisting of Toni-Maree Bishop (Qld), Vivian Samaha (NSW), John Murphy (VIC), Mark Husband (TAS) and Stuart Odermatt (WA) … all top notch wedding gown specialists in their home states … will participate in a discussion via MC for the Session, yours truly. I don’t have anyone attending from S.A. at this stage, but am open to discussion so please get in touch.

Informative and a whole lot of fun, make sure you are in the front rows by 9.00 am Sunday morning for the grand event. Not registered yet? Go directly to

Here’s a bit of mood music!