Final call for fairer small business contracts


There are only two weeks to go until the unfair contract terms laws extend to small business standard form contracts.

If you are a small business and enter into contracts where you have little or no ability to negotiate the terms, this law will protect you from unfair terms after 12 November. If you are about to enter into or sign a new contract consider whether you can wait until after this date to gain this protection.

If you supply standard form contracts to small businesses, you are running out of time to amend or remove any potentially unfair contract terms before the new laws come into force.

The ACCC will be able to take enforcement action against businesses who offer small business standard form contracts that contain unfair contract terms

For more information about the new law check out the ACCC website.

Also look out for our upcoming small business unfair contract terms industry review report. It may help you gain a better understanding of some common potentially unfair contract terms. The report will be available on our website on 10 November 2016.

Kind regards,

Small Business team
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)