Christmas Shopping … and you lose your wallet.
Overseas and you are robbed.  Don’t let your dream holiday become a nightmare.

Ever thought you’d lost your purse or wallet and felt that punch of overwhelming panic anxiety and stress? CardGuard contacts card issuers for you.

CardGuard recently partnered with Stay Smart Online, the Australian Government’s online safety and security website, designed to provide simple steps to protect our personal and financial information online. SSO also provides a free alert service to keep you up to date with online threats and how they can be managed.

Register basic personal details. Add your cards. For your security – we don’t record card numbers, just the card type and issuer.  It takes 3 minutes and you can add or change details.

If you lose your wallet, just call our 24/7 help line or use our website to cancel or block your cards.

People affected by card fraud
Most of us know someone who has lost their purse or wallet, yet some think it will never happen to them. Personal fraud has fast become one of the most prevalent contemporary crimes society is dealing with, and the impacts are far reaching and increasing at an astounding rate.

Identity theft
It’s not just financial cards that are important. We can cancel all of your cards within minutes to keep your identity safe.

Financial loss
Just one call to our 24/7 help line or a few clicks on the website/app to block or cancel your cards and safeguard your money.

Cancelling your cards
We know who to call and what to do. Don’t waste precious time searching for the numbers to call, navigating phone menu’s or wasting time on hold.

We spend a significant amount on insurance but neglect to safe guard our purse or wallet.
 Register your 10 most important cards and avoid becoming a statistic.

It only takes 3 minutes to get protected. Call us now on 1300 526 592 or visit

We contact card issuers and organise replacement cards if you lose your purse or wallet, for just $47.50 per year. For less than $1 a day, protect your business, your personal identity, your peace of mind. CardGuard.