EXPOdetergo International will welcome you from 19 to 22 October 2018 at Fiera Milano.  Yes! The exhibition is going to take place in a bit less than two years and 70% of the space has already been booked by the exhibitors and their great variety of machines, technologies and solutions proposed.

Relying on Fiera Milano as far as the organization of the event is concerned has turned out to be the winning strategy. The organization of the next two exhibitions, until year 2026 has been confirmed and assigned to Fiera Milano, Milan, 13 December 2016 – There are already 124 direct exhibitors that have confirmed their presence at EXPOdetergo International, a world leading exhibition that takes place every four years, dedicated to machines, technology, products and services for laundries, ironing services and textile maintenance. It is programmed from 19 to 22 October 2018 – Halls 1 and 3 – at Fiera Milano.

Today, the official registration figures cover 70% of the dedicated exhibiting space representing a complete range of the most innovative products of the sector. EXPOdetergo International affirms to be a must-be, a long awaited moment for the companies that invest in every aspect of innovation.

Among the signed up brands, the Italian ones undoubtedly stand out which confirms the foreground role of the country as one of the most renowned world leaders in the production of dry-cleaning and ironing machines, and in the industrial laundry sector. The Made in Italy of these divisions is distinguished by the great innovative capacity proposing solutions that combine high productivity with low impact in terms of energy and environment.

The great number of participating companies does not only show the value this exhibition has – one of the most important ones in the world in this sector – but also how the market actually appreciated the early bird initiative, that guaranteed a more advantageous fare to those who signed up by 31 October. The initiative commonly chosen by Assofornitori and Fiera Milano allowed to define the contents of the event in advance, which is an advantage to the visitors in the long run.

“We are glad to affirm, given the results obtained today, that the partnership between Associazione Fornitori Aziende Manutenzione dei Tessili and Fiera Milano is surely going to be successful. It unites thorough market knowledge and its players with our experience in the organization and promotion of B2B exhibitions.” – says Domenico Lunghi, the Director of Food, Tech & Industry Division at Fiera Milano. – “Working in close synergy has brought some great results and it definitely won’t stop with 2018 edition. As a matter of fact, Fiera Milano has recently been assigned to organize the other two future exhibitions, until year 2026, which will enable us to fully share possible strategies, to evaluate the market, to work on projects aimed at meeting the needs and requests of the most innovative companies by offering the product that attracts buyers from all over the world and who come to Milan to attend the exhibition”.

“We are certainly working at full speed on EXPOdetergo International 2018 but we also wanted to formally confirm Fiera Milano as the organizer of the future events, in 2022 and in 2026” – says Livio Bassan, the President of EXPOdetergo International. – “Our long collaboration over years demonstrated that we can rely on both the attentive partner who always meets our requests and on the exhibiting structure with high international standards.
As a matter of fact, the appreciation and recognition by the visitors of past exhibitions guided us towards this choice. Therefore, having evaluated other options, we chose to reward the continuity. What is more, the recent meetings with Fiera Milano managers and staff confirmed that this consolidated relationship will allow to completely combine our strengths even further in order to guarantee the best growth strategies together in the global market of this sector”.

The great number of companies and their feedback has made the project even more solid confirming, once again, EXPOdetergo International as the world showcase for innovation, business and development.

As always, exclusively new products are allowed in the exhibition. There is no possibility to exhibit any used machines. The objective is to guarantee, also through first products previews, the professional update to the operators. Competitiveness, efficiency and low environmental impact are the key words that concern all the proposals starting from wet and dry-cleaning washing machines to the ironing machines, complete industrial plants and chemical products, including logistics and electronic management.

Innovative solutions customized to satisfy every client’s necessity: hotels and hospitality, restaurants, hospitals, health care and nursing homes, various entities whose common request is to receive practical and fast answers following the highest standards on quality, hygiene and sustainability.

A challenge for the companies and the technology implemented will become a complete showcase of the exhibition.


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