Good news!

The DIA Board and I have great pleasure in announcing the appointment of Shirley Naylor to the position of Member Liaison Officer for New South Wales.

Shirley has 40 years in the drycleaning and laundry industries with numerous visits to plants and shows on a national and international basis. She has been a strong contributor for our industry in every respect, operating as both NSW State and National Executive Director prior to the purchase of the National Drycleaner & Launderer magazine (currently available on line for free) in 1988. Her many informative and thought provoking articles have kept both industries in touch with good practice, developments and news during this time. Shirley has a wide range of knowledge and experience to contribute.

Over the years Shirley has received many awards from both industries for her dedication and ability both at local and international levels and is well known in the industry across Australia.

Due to other commitments (as Editor of The National) Shirley will be available on a part-time basis. She will be in contact with NSW members and potential members to offer advice and support in all aspects of drycleaning and laundry. Shirley is looking forward to visiting Members and developing a closer working relationship.

We are fortunate to have secured her services and this is a key part of our on- going commitment to continually update and improve our services to members.


George Masselos
President, Drycleaning Institute of Australia

Brian Tonkin
Chief Executive Officer


Shirley’s contact details are:


Phone: 0408 600 312

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