In the last two months there have been 3 fires in Drycleaning Shops.

Two in Sydney which were total destruction and the one above in Tasmania

Due to the location of the fire they were operative two days later, very fortunate (note gas cylinders!)

With the stress, trauma and costs for each establishment is significant, this also has the effect of driving up industry premiums

Once again it is a timely reminder:

• Check insurance policies to ensure that you are properly covered.
– Suggest you get a comparative quote from Sunshine State Insurance ( Adam Jellett 07 5561 1592)
– Look at including a specialist in your policy to directly negotiate with assessors on your behalf.

• Back up your computer data off site (USB or cloud based)

• Have a back- up disaster plan written down to include:
– There is too much stress at the time to think clearly of garments, etc.
– There is too much stress at the time to think clearly
– Include contact numbers for essential people.

• The main causes of fire are electrical and spontaneous combustion. Attention to:
– Electrical wiring and fittings suggest inspection by electrician or fire Authority.
– Cleaning lint and fluff from dryers
– Not allowing rags, towels etc to accumulate hot after removal from the dryer.

• A “back to base” alarm system may be the difference between inconvenience and disaster.

We all think that the fire will happen somewhere else and statistically you are right.

But …. d o you want to take the chance?

Brian Tonkin CEO
t- (03) 5908 4921