General Rules for Finishing


General Rules for Finishing – DLI Class Finishing

Most of the time spent on an item in the drycleaning process is usually at the finishing station. This is where a trained employee attempts to restore the garment to a like-new appearance. Here are some general rules to remember when finishing textiles.

Be aware of fiber content and fabric construction.

  • 70-75 psi gives a steam temperature of about 300°F at the press—this will not damage most fibers if used properly.
  • If the hand iron temperature is raised, remember to lower it immediately after use. It takes longer to cool than to heat the iron.
  • Too much mechanical pressure causes shine and seam impressions.
  • Use no more pressure than necessary to remove wrinkles.
  • Be sure to vacuum dry to avoid rewrinkling.
    Avoid using pressure and vacuum at the same time unless you are very certain there will be no seam impressions or shine.
  • Rotate the garment away from you when changing lays.
  • Good maintenance of equipment and press pads is essential to good finishing.
  • Based on fabric construction determine what type of finish the garment should be given. For a soft finish (soft wools, crepes, knits)—use light steam, hand pad to smooth out wrinkles, minimal or no pressure, and vacuum dry.
  • For a hard finish (linen, cotton, taffeta)—use heavy steam or water spray, maximum head pressure, leave head down long enough to dry steam or water spray, and vacuum dry.

DLI offers many bulletins on finishing online in our Drycleaning Encyclopedia.  Proper finishing techniques are an integral part of DLI’s Resident Courses.  DLI also offers a training video series on this topic.

BEST OF ALL … as a Member of the Drycleaning Institute of Australia (DIA) you are automatically a Member of Drycleaning Laundry Institute (DLI-USA), with access to their wonderful range of information, products and services.

Posted By Harry Kimmel | 2/2/2018 12:29:31 PM