TwinClean 2018 is jointly sponsored by the Drycleaning Institute of Australia, and the Laundry Association of Australia.

A combined Committee of allied traders, launderers and drycleaners has worked hard for the past twelve months, working together to bring all Members the best possible experience.

“The Power Of Connection” is the power of workign together, our connection to each other. We are not individual drycleaners, or launderers, or allied trader companies … working in isolation.

We are all part of a rich, and very important industry, worth Two Billion Australian Dollars Annually.

Electricity and Gas usage is common to both drycleaners and launderers of all descriptions. At one time, energy was number six on the list of cost centres for a commercial launderer, now it is number three, and user of financial resources coming in only after labour and linen.

There are launderers in the middle of three year contracts that might not have enough fat to ride out the electricity rises if they can not find ways to reduce their outgoings.

Drycleaners are finding the costs associated with operating their plants are rising at a dramatic rate.
Whether you want to explore solar power, or get a handle on your finances, take on routes or wedding gown restoration, look at robotics in laundry, the use of rfid in your linens, or how data management systems will help you keep track of your valuable linens, you need to attend TwinClean 2018 on the Gold Coast. Understand how Operating Safely, Training, and understanding employees can help you stay in business.
Many things have changed, and TwinClean is one of them. This event is tight. A great deal of business is packed into the day and a half of business sessions. You could fly in Friday afternoon and fly out after Sunday lunch if you want to. Though it also makes a lot of sense to cut yourself some slack, spend time chatting to people you have met, and soaking up some of those lovely sunny rays in the midst of winter.

The POWER OF CONNECTION also looks at the power of our trade bodies, how they work for you in Australia, how they work with other associations in other countries to bring more benefits to you.
The social events start with the “National Drycleaner and Launderer Welcome Party”. To mark my thirty years in business, and forty one in the industry, I am putting my hand in my pocket and putting money on the bar to welcome delegates on Friday night.

Saturday Night is a huge combined Dinner! It will be enormous fun, with a Formal Beach Party! themed Fancy Dress Party. Put your mind o work, think of a few simple props (a formal jacket with board shorts? Resort wear with high heels and jewellery … who knows what you will come up with!)
There will be lucky chair prizes, and gifts for every delegate.

As in days gone by with Launtex, VILA and the DIA conferences, there are opportunities for traders to take a booth space to provide a meeting point and distribute information.
The Exhibition area is open to all delegates, both for tea and coffee, the Welcome Party, and pre-dinner drinks on Saturday night. All of the Gold, Silver and Bronze options were snapped up for both the Drycleaning and Laundry side in record time, and at time of publication there are about 40 Exhibitiors.
The following pages list the Programme of Events, and give biographical details of the Speakers.

We have captured a great deal for delegates staying at the Crowne Plaza.  Speak with Rob on (07) 5592 9946 and tell him you are with the TwinClean Conference for the best deal available.
Have you registered

In fact, as soon as you have finished reading this article, book your Accommodation and Register as a Delegate.
This is the first time TwinClean has been offered since 2005.  A great deal of thought has gone into the programme. The Allied Traders are, as always, supporting this event to the max to ensure it can be presented in an economical manner for you.