BOTH DIA AND THE LAA ADDRESSED THE INDUSTRY TODAY …. but the event is open to ALL drycleaners and launderers.  Come along and find out what the new trends are.


Please take a few minutes to read the notes below.

This is such a good opportunity and only happens every two years.

Five reasons to attend the Conference:

1. Exhibitors

I. 34 Exhibitors with the latest in equipment and ideas
II. Speak directly with the largest suppliers to our industry

2. Laundry Speaker Program: Great program with 3 International speakers

I. Warwick Brown from Princes Laundry will share his knowledge on the solar savings for Princes Laundry and how solar power might work for you in your business.
II. David Potack from TRSA USA will provide insight into the US Market for Linen, Uniform and Facility Services and TRSA initiatives and industry developments.
III. Jon Dee is an Energy Expert, hosting over 100 small business programs on TV. He is passionate about you saving energy.
IV. Leon Drury MSA NSW ITAB Manufacturing Skills Australia from will share with us why training the right workforce skills is crucial for your business.
V. Anthony Kingsley from Filterfab discussing Laundry safety: A matter of life and death. Improving the safety culture of our Industry.
VI. Mark Bogiatzis from Great Northern Laundry will share with us 90 years as a family laundry and how this has been achieved through Continuous Improvement.
VII. Hiten Somaia a very successful owner will share his knowledge of RFID – If your linen could talk to you, what would it say?
VIII. Todd Leeth/Chris Murphy from Spindle discussing data driven metrics to improve your bottom line and how knowing the facts of your business can propel you forward.
VIII. Finn Hahn the robotics and automation specialist from Inwatec will talk about Robotics and what we will see in future Laundry plants.

3. Drycleaner Speaker Program: Great program with 3 International speakers

I. Jon Dee is an Energy Expert, hosting over 100 small business programs on TV. He is passionate about you saving energy.
II. Ken Uchikoshi from Sankosha a renowned international speaker will share current technical industry developments.
III. Luke Donaldson from Employsure an experienced workplace relation specialist and key speaker will update on current developments.
IV. Many wedding dress issues can be solved at the counter. Sally Conant (USA) an expert will provide great ideas and tips.
V. Peter Hudson a very successful owner will provide a hard hitting presentation from the key area of production and finance management.
VI. Key staff retention is vital for your business. James Peuster (USA) will share tried and proven ways to keep staff.
VII. There is no one better in the Australian Drycleaning Industry than Karl Chehade to value a business and improve it’s worth.
VIII. The energy panel will combine suppliers and users to end the conference with real cost saving ideas.

4. Ideas to take back to your business
As you can see the conference is “jam packed” with ways to improve your business and to motivate owners.

5. Renew friendships and make new contacts
This is such an important part of these events for ongoing peer support.

6. Refresh your mind with a sunny break from your business
Occasionally we need to step outside our business and re-energise.

How to register:
· Reply to this email and we will follow up.
· Phone the LAA Office: 02 4954 8065
or DIA Office: 03 5908 4921
· All companies to Register on the DIA website:

This is the first time since 2005 that the Drycleaners and Launderers have joined in a National Conference. This format allows the maximum number of allied traders and those speakers who are appropriate for both industry segments to reach the widest audience.

Don’t leave it any longer before you register, please … catering numbers need to be given to the Hotel.

And remember your Formal Beach Party gear for Saturday Night!

Hope you can make it and look forward to catching up, find the true POWER OF CONNECTION.