Warwick Brown, Shirley Naylor, Joe Sullivan, Kerryn Wollington, Rita Morrison, Pam Cosker, Ray Hayes and Anthony Kinglsey,


At the recent LAA Meeting preceding the plant tour of South Pacific Laundry, Broadmeadows, Chairman Warwick Brown thanked all current serving Board Members Joe Sullivan, Anthony Kinglsey, Shirley Naylor, Kerryn Wollington, Rita Morrison and Robert Fraser (who resigned as Board Member, having left the industry).

Warwick said thanks were especially in order to Anthony Kingsley, Kerryn Wollington and Shirley Naylor for their tireless efforts in regard to TwinClean Conference. It was a lot of work but had paid great dividends, both in income and in providing an excellent event for the laundry industry. TRLA Qld undertook to disband and move its funds and members to LAA, which is a great step forward in truly uniting the country.

“Eight nominations were received by the Administration for this election: Joe Sullivan, Anthony Kinglsey, Shirley Naylor, Kerryn Wollington, Rita Morrison, Ray Hayes and Pam Cosker. I move to accept all nominations.”

After a sterling three years, Warwick Brown resigned as Chairman and asked for someone to take that role. Shirley Naylor nominated Joe Sullivan for

Megan McInnes, Administration, LAA

Chairman, and Rita Morrison seconded. Warwick Brown renominated Anthony Kingsley for Treasurer , seconded by Shirley Naylor. Warwick Brown nominated Rita Morrison for Secretary, seconded by Anthony Kingsley. Rita Morrison nominated Shirley Naylor for Vice-President, but she demurred saying her personal view was that the position should be held by a launderer. Kerryn Wollington nominated Pam Cosker for Vice President, seconded by Warwick Brown.


Joe Sullivan, on behalf of the Board and all Members, thanked Warwick Brown for his work over the last 3 years. It is w

orth observing that our new Chairman has already been busy, setting up Sub Committees for the year going forward.

Launderers can contact LAA by writing to   Attn:  Administrator Megan McInnes,