Clarification of the Union for the Laundry Industry


Subject: Clarification of the Union for the Laundry Industry from LAA. This was forwarded with attachments to all LAA Members. Aren’t a member? You should be, they are the only body looking out for you.

Good Morning everyone

As some of you will be aware the CFMEU have been visiting laundry’s around the country after their amalgamation with the Textile Clothing and Footwear union.

Even though laundry’s as an industry fall under the TCF industries, the union covering our industry is the AWU, or in the case of health care laundry’s the HSU

The LAA sought clarification on this matter after it was raised by some of our members

Please see attached the current agreement from the AWU who confirm they are the appropriate Union for the industry

Shane Roulstone the National Director for the AWU said

“The AWU is the principle industry Union for all laundry workers “(see attached word doc highlighted on page 24, this word is from the FWC site ) in Australia. (in the LAA email for Members.)

The CFMMEU recent amalgamation with the textile union does give them some coverage of Dry Cleaners but not laundry workers. If Laundry workers were to join the CFMMEU, their industrial interests / concerns in award or bargaining matters would not be able to be advanced by the CFMMEU as they do not have legal coverage of these workers.

I would suggest that Laundry Workers and Operators may wish to ask any Union that seeks to represent laundry workers to provide in writing the details of under which rules they can legally cover these workers.

The AWU industry coverage rules are also attached. (in the Members email.)


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Ed.:  Please note I have not attached the information sent to LAA Members.  Membership counts for something.  You know the threats, you need to back the association that backs you.