As many of you will readily note, these Testimonials are pretty old now. But they were sincere at the time!
I would really appreciate hearing from you and adding your new comments to this list.


We as a company have been advertising with the National Dry Cleaner magazine for the past 20 years and this is paramount in the growth of our business within this industry. Through the innovative advertisements and helpful suggestions by the editor, Shirley Naylor, we have successfully let our customers and potential customers know what is NEW and how they can grow their business using our systems. I wish to thank the National for its support over the past 20 years and we look forward to continuing our strong association with the Magazine as a the #1. source of industry news.

I highly recommend the “National” as a way to brand and keep your name in front of the industry that you supply goods and services too.

Brian Smith, Managing Director
Dry Cleaning Computer Systems Australia Pty Ltd.


I was just having a big clean up and we have so many Nationals that we use regularly as a Research tool or for new customers fresh into the industry to read and aspire to. The earliest issue I have is Feb 1986 and nearly every issue since. There has been soooooo many changes since then, its a bit of a giggle to see how things were processed back in those days. We look forward to receiving the “National!” It keeps us up to date with current distributors, topical subjects, industry’s shakers & movers, upcoming events and all wrapped up with a smile and clever witticism. Shirl, I really don’t know where this industry, that is spread far and wide over this big, brown land, would be without the NATIONAL. You do an exceptional job and are always ready to help me put together our ads. You attend all industry conferences and visit such a large range of plants. I admire you spirit & constitution. Long live the NATIONAL.

Best Regards & all the very best for many more issues to come.

Mick & Tammy Wyatt
Bayside Machinery Pty Ltd. (VIC)


The Australian Drycleaner and Launderer magazine is the twin industries’ most powerful tool for information on matters from home and abroad that may impact the industries. This makes “The National” an invaluable resource and reference centre, for the industry and an advertisers must do. Advertising for the companies I am associated with is all about being noticed, and the National does this perfectly, by reaching such a large number of potential clients. Where as in some peoples minds they find it difficult to measure advertising effectiveness. I believe that it is infinitely more expensive not to be seen. You can’t sell, if you don’t exist in the conscious minds of your market place. Over many years of faith in the “National”, we reap a reward from every issue. Some instant and others cumulative. Either way, The National does it best.

Roger Bancroft
GreenEarth Australasia and former DIA Ltd President

In most magazines, it is hard to determine a real return on investment. But after every ad. we place in National Dry Cleaner we typically see a spike in enquiries, making the National a great medium to communicate with the industry and importantly to know which source our enquiries are coming from.

The “National” delivers results, is accountable and is one of the few mediums where we can directly attribute involvement in a magazine to an enquiry.

Paul Issai, Marketing Co-ordinator
Champion Compressors (VIC & NSW)


Dear Shirley, I just wanted to drop you a note to say how much I enjoy reading your magazine. Regal Dry Cleaners, has been subscribing to the National for at least 27 years, and in my opinion the magazine is better now, than it has ever been. Aside from keeping my staff and I abreast of what’s going on in the Industry, the National is also an excellent source of knowledge. Containing everything from the latest technology, and hints and tips from other dry cleaners, to my personal favorite, the Stelco report, detailing problem garments to watch out for. Your magazine is the glue that binds the dry cleaning and laundry industry in Australia. We all look forward to getting your magazine in the mail each month. I doubt that other industries are fortunate enough to have a magazine edited by some one as dedicated and well thought of, as you. We are damn lucky to have you. Keep up the good work.

Martyn Gault
Regal Dry Cleaners (TAS)


The National is an extremely important tool in communicating with the laundry industry within Australia and New Zealand. The coverage is excellent and ensures fantastic exposure for any surplus equipment for sale. I am delighted with the results achieved from working with the National.

Bill Crotty
General Manager
Warragul Linen Service (VIC)


The “National is great! Now, where’s my dinner?

Barry Naylor
Tulloch Aust. Pty. Ltd. (NSW & QLD)


Advertising our business and machinery in the National Dry Cleaner and Laundry magazine was a clear winner when it came to getting exposure to a national market and selling at the best price.

The advertising exposure provided through the website and magazine was incredible and after selling the machinery nearly 12 months ago we are still receiving enquiries about our advertisement! For a business that has a limited market for resale in this small regional community, it was reassuring to know if we need to sell anymore machinery to a larger market that it might not happen overnight but it will happen in sale terms. We ended up selling the machinery within six weeks of advertising. The cost was minimal and the exposure was more than we could have hoped for. We will definitely sell again through the NATIONAL and its website.
Thank you, Shirley.

Sally Webster
Goondiwindi Dry Cleaners


Being only relatively new to the industry (6 years) I find the National of great interest. It gives me an un-biased opinion on our industry as well as keeping me up to date on what is happening in the industry. I have advertised in the National and always had a response to my ads and invariably gone on to sell the equipment. The National is a great medium for this as a majority of readers are business owners looking to improve themselves and their businesses. As an active industry member I always try to support those companies supporting our industry and look to support those represented in the National. Shirley has been a real giver to our industry and is widely recognised amongst both dry cleaners and launderers as a friend to all.

Jason Webb
Bells Foxy Drycleaners (ACT)


National Drycleaner & Launderer (& the Princess)
The National and its talented Editor provide a unique opportunity for the industry to network and use this publication as a conduit to communicate information in a concise and informative manner. I became aware of the National when I met Shirley at the first seminar I attended in 1992 which was held in Wangaratta by the Victorian Institutional Laundries Association (V.I.L.A). I found the National to be a wealth of knowledge and networking information and is an invaluable resource for anyone entering this industry. During the past 5 years in my capacity of V.I.L.A. president I have had the opportunity to liaise with Shirley to ensure the industry events and seminars have been given the exposure that benefits the industry. Shirley has been diligent in assisting our industry and the reporting of events and topics certainly provides an excellent overview for those who were unable to attend. I would recommend this publication to anyone, not only industry based people, as each publication has little gems of wisdom which are relevant to all walks of life.

Ken Draper
President, V.I.L.A. 2006


It is always a pleasure to deal with Shirley Naylor, both on a personal and professional level. From our first days in business she has always given our company great support. Dealing with The National and Shirley — you cannot separate the two — is a positive experience. We enjoy being part of the National group of advertisers because thanks to Shirley’s integrity and personal style, we feel we belong.

Roz Tarszisz
Group Advertising and Publicity
BlueStone Personnel (QLD, NSW, VIC, WA)


For over forty years I have waited for the National to arrive each issue. Whether a member of a DIA Institute or not, the “National” was always the best way of keeping up to speed with the whole industry both here in Oz and overseas . Want info on a particular parts supplier? Look in the National for his ad. Want info on the next convention details of the speakers coming and etc. – look in the National. Yes, I believe this magazine has helped to hold our industry together, in the good times and the bad. The “National” even keeps readers informed when identities have become ill, retired, or even sadly passed away. If there was one cost in running a drycleaning business which is inviolate as far as pruning costs, the last one to go would be the National Dry Cleaner.

Kevin Mayo, Owner
Topcat Drycleaners, ACT


Over the years – which are several now – I have come to know both you and the NATIONAL rather well. It’s great to be able to have consistency and you certainly provide that. I feel the industry is very fortunate to have such a professional person representing us. It is always a pleasure featuring in the National as I am assured of reaching our target market.
Sue Sherratt
National Sales Manager
Confident Care Products (NSW)


Shirley has been, and still is, a great advocate for the laundry and dry cleaning industry. She is enthusiastic and even passionate about it! She was a well deserved recipient of the “DIA Industry Person of the Year Award” and goes to great lengths to cover a wide variety of subjects, people and businesses. The national magazine reflects her attitude and so is a valuable asset to the twin industries. I have advertised in the NATIONAL on many occasions, with very good results, and can recommend it as a very good advertising medium. It should be read by all in the industries so as to be able to keep up with the latest in regulations, developments, general news and information.

John Hays
Spencer Systems Pty Ltd, NSW


The Australian National Dry Cleaner and Launderer” is a quality production and the only magazine of it’s kind that truly projects what issues and events are happening in both Laundry and Dry Cleaning circles nationally. Shirley Naylor’s presence at most industry seminars Australia wide are testament to her real interest and passion in the industry on a whole.

Ralf Pelz , General Manager
Cabrini Linen Service, VIC
President – Textile Rental & Laundry Association Australia


We would like to express our appreciation and gratitude to The National for it’s completeness of its coverage of the entire Laundry Industry, not only nationally but also keeping it’s readers up to date with new developments in the international markets.

The National’s articles are not only learned but also lucid. Its dedication to cover all of Australia and not just the main centers shows a concern for its readers wherever they maybe situated. The travelling hours this must involve can only be phenomenal and show once again its dedication.

Their ability to reach all segments of our core market means that the advertisements we place enables us to inform and achieve a desired amount of recognition within the industry as a whole.

In this world of increasing globalization, the local content it publicises, from retirements to births, is what changes an Industry of competing companies into a friendly family of companies, and is like a breathe of fresh air to us all.

David Aubrey, General Manager
Jensen Laundry Systems Australia Pty Ltd


The magazine articles are certainly informative and interesting but the National is the publication that makes us feel we are all part of an industry with common problems and common goals. The fact that you, Shirley, take such an active part in our seminars and those of others in the industry is greatly appreciated. My own experience of advertising items for sale in the “National” has been a positive one, with a good number of answers to my ads.

Paul Robinson
Ballarat Health Service, VIC


Shirley, past present and hopefully future experiences from your magazine’s arrival will be always something that you are keen to open and read as soon as it arrives on your desk. It has been a long and on many occasions hard road to survive in the laundry environment and the arrival of the “National” is always like a breath of fresh air with all the information, pictures, analysis and advertisements that are spread over the few but very well constructed magazines.

I cannot give you an accurate number of how many issues of the National I have read but it is always something to look forward to and for us the laundry dinosaurs it is an Icon that holds the laundry individuals in touch with each other and the rest of the industry developments around the world as our friendly Editor seems to be popping up at every worthwhile event and gathering that happens. Keep the good work going!

Steve Dracopoulos
Production & Engineering Manager
Alsco Pty Ltd (NSW)


The National is the only publication specifically relevant to Australia’s laundry & dry cleaning industry. I read it as soon as it arrives.

Robert Herz
Managing Director
Sunshine Linen Services


Long before my employment with TAFE SA, and back in the Central Linen Days I made it my monthly ritual to read the “National Launderer” magazine. My Manager at the time used to circulate them to all the Supervisors to read.

I enjoyed the reading and when I won the Filterfab Overseas Study Award for S.A. back in 1997, I became more interested in the magazine and couldn’t wait to see who was at the Twin Clean and who the lucky Filterfab winner was. It was good to see how many people I knew in each magazine and those that I had developed great networking opportunities with and not to forget the friendships and great memories that had been formed. Later on in my Spotless Linen days I continued to subscribe to the National as Training Manager.

In 2002 I left Spotless and took a break, enjoying the home life, it wasn’t long before I realised that I needed to keep in touch with the Industry, well I didn’t need to I felt I had to, “once a laundry girl always a laundry girl”. My partner Paul has been in the industry for over 20 years so I still had some contact, but this wasn’t enough, so I phoned Shirley and asked If I could subscribe to the National privately. Not a problem, within a few days I was back to receiving the monthly magazine, with a few extras that I had missed out on.

In 2003 I joined the payroll at TAFE SA providing a service to the Industry through training and assessment of the national qualifications for laundry and dry cleaning, the first item on my agenda was to make TAFE SA a member of both the TRLA(SA), The DIA (SA), The Fabricare Institute of America and to subscribe to the National Drycleaner and Launderer magazine. At TAFE SA I am part of the Fashion Industry Training Service FITS, which includes Fashion, Retail, Footwear, Millinery, Stylist and of course, Textile Care (laundry/dry cleaning). The “National” provides not only me but many of our 20 lecturers in the program excellent information for their students in the fashion industry. As soon as I receive the magazine I highlight the articles with post-it tags, photocopy them and distribute them to the Lecturers to use in their training. The National is a great networking tool for all, laundry, dry cleaning staff and all allied traders.

Kerry King
Adelaide, South Australia


We have enjoyed reading the National for many years, and when Shirley dropped in to do a story on us we were impressed with her interest in our operation. After publication of the article we have been blown away with the response from the industry, with people from many states contacting us – even old school friends! Allied Traders mentioned in the article have told us they also experienced a flow on effect, with plenty of comments since the article appeared. The National does a great job of informing our industry on many levels.

Mick Haberfield
Coronet Laundry, Wendouree, VIC


Veeco has been advertising in The National for about 17 years now and are more than happy to vouch for the power of Shirley assisted ads. We always know what we want to convey but leave the formatting and set-out to the expert!
As with all advertising it’s not always obvious that the message has been effective but we certainly do get positive results from second-hand equipment ads’ which are an excellent barometer, especially with the added support of ‘The National website.

Bill van der Leest
Managing Director
Veeco Pty Ltd (WA)