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A work in progress. We have now completely updated the A-Z Directory for Businesses and Associations, and are working on the Category section. (This is tricky and a bit tedious so bear with us. Still trying to make the actual Categories alphabetical.)

Please ensure we are notified of your full company details, and which Category or Categories you would like to be listed in. For example, you might sell table linen, but like to also be listed for teatowels, towels, aprons, bar runners.

This is a free service to the industry and you are invited to make use of it. If you would like to recommend us to one of your suppliers or a drycleaner or launderer, so much the better!


2200 North Pulaski Road Chicago, IL 60639 773-235-4430 represented in Australia by AQUALOGIC


ROD ADAMS 50 Cowie Street  North Geelong  Vic 3215 Phone 1300 721 710   or…

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